Animals at the mill

Come see the animals at our "farm"

The recently renovated hen house has just welcomed 10 little hens (5 black and 5 brown) and one young cock, who is so proud of his harem!

Since then, we have had two huge broods! We can now count fifteen new residents and we are expecting the next batch of little chicks any time now!

Our little family of donkeys arrived on May 1st 2010, (at the same time as the lily of the valley!)

The daddy's name is Polly, the mommy's name is Roxy and their baby, who is called Antigone, was born just after their arrival at the mill. She is absolutely adorable, just as docile as her parents, but a lot more mischievous!

On August 15th, we welcomed our two sheep - a rare and beautiful race: "Thônes and Marthod". The ram is called Eodipe and the little ewe is called Cérès. Both of them are very young. They were born in October and are particularly docile.

On December 1st, two new members joined the farm: Gédéon and Léone, a couple of 11-month old peacocks.

In spite of their youth, Oedipe and Cérès have just given birth to their first baby! The tiny female, called Cybèle, was born on February 3rd.

She is absolutely gorgeous and not much bigger than a cat! And already very bright! She is jumping all over the place in spite of the fact that she's only 2 days old!

You can also feed the trout and the ducks in the canal, who come right up to the edge to eat what you have thrown in.


the young male : Œdipe

the young male : Œdipe

the young female : Cérès
<< the young female : Cérès
Here is Cybèle : Cérès and Oedipe's baby !
>> Here is Cybèle : Cérès and Oedipe's baby !

Some dates ...

1620: date on which construction of the Moulin Piongo began

840 m²: total surface area of the three storey building.

22 acres: the outdoor resort, in its natural surroundings (children's playground, multi-sport grounds, educational orchards, organic swimming pool, small farm animals...)

280 m²: surface area of the gable loft, converted into a leisure centre

120 m²: surface area of the reception area on the ground floor

80 m²: surface area of the health and fitness centre on the first floor

800 m: no other dwellings within this radius