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Château de Bressieux in Bressieux (10km)

Château de Bressieux in Bressieux (10km)

The castle

Bressieux village is overlooked by the ruins of its feudal castle, built during the thirteenth century. Built on the heights of the village, the castle still testifies to the former military role which it played during the Middle Ages.
At the heart of the history of the former province of the Dauphiné region, which has been settled since the Neolithic Age (2300 B.C.), Bressieux was, from the year 1000 up to the Revolution, the seat of an important seigniorial fief and one of the most important baronies of the Dauphiné. The fortress was the residence of the powerful Lords of Bressieux throughout the Middle Ages and under the Old Regime.
Of the fortress edified during the second half of the thirteenth century, only the towers, which show the characteristic stages of the evolution of military architecture and the high round dungeon, are in a good state of preservation.

The museum

The permanent exhibition "Bressieux and its castle", retrace the human settlement of Bressieux from its origins up to modern times.
A scale model shows the brick fortress as constructed, a slide show traces its evolution through the centuries.
Findings during excavations were restored and describe the life of the castle's inhabitants. Numerous objects, such as the keys to the castle, locks, a clock mechanism or coats of arms in stone...



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