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Excavation finds in Revel-Tourdan (17km)

The village of Revel-Tourdan:

General Historical details

  • Roman resort of Tourdan.
  • Prehistorical and ancient Roman remains
  • Bronze tools.
  • Roman graves with furnishings.

Civil Architecture

  • Former fortified village of Revel, perched on a hill.
  • Rampart remains.
  • Château de Barbarin, twelfth century, restored in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: plaster work, wall paintings, French-style ceilings, and park.
  • Former houses in Revel.
  • Former Augustine priory.
  • Wash houses.
  • Seventeenth century restored dovecote.

Sacred architecture

  • Nineteenth century church.
  • Roman priory in Tourdan, restored.


  • Gallo-Roman excavation findings in Turedonum, in an outbuilding of the former priory.
  • Museum of Rural Craftsmanship in Revel, in the former dovecote.


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