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The Béatrix trail (here, in Ornacieux)


This circuit allies architectural treasures, historical interest, the beauty of the landscapes and the quality of the panoramic views.

The Béatrix trail crosses territory marked by the signs of very ancient human settlements, which probably go back as far as 3000 years in the case of the villages of Penol, Ornacieux and Balbins.

This trail takes you back in time to the Gallo-Roman period, in the mosaics of the Roman church in Penol, through the medieval age in the earthen mound in Ornacieux, the history of Béatrix and the fortified house in Defusselet, up to the modern and contemporary age in the churches in Balbins, Ornacieux and the Croix de Pitié.

We will pass through Clapier, the Ornacieux marsh, Le Pavé and the Béatrix Cross, follow the loop through Malatra, le Moulin Pion-Gaud, passing by the Wash house in Penol.

Our hike will mostly keep to a trail alongside the Edydoches canal and the Republic Canal.

It is a beautiful winter hike, between the Liers plain and the Bièvre plain and can be under-taken by all, without the slightest difficulty.
On arrival at the Béatrix Cross, an orientation table helps hikers to discover the surrounding countryside...

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