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Railway gardens in Chattes (St Marcellin) (37km)

Railway gardens in Chattes (St Marcellin) (37km)


The railway gardens, created by Christian and Gaétan Abric are situated at 7 km from the medieval village of St Antoine l'Abbaye. In a 1300 m² landscaped garden, with over 200 types of plants, 1100 meters of railway networks, 30 trains and 250 wagons pass, cross and drive around towns, villages, rivers, roads, lakes and mountains which you can overlook by walking along the paved trails and walkways accessible to all. Thousands of hours of work were necessary to install this prestigious site. Veritable miniaturization of the real world, discover the details of each of the countless little true-to-life scenes: cable cars, trams, motorized scale models, cars, cyclists, swimmers, a circus, the main historical monuments of the region recreated with a surprising eye for detail, such as the Abbey of St Antoine, the suspended village of Pont en Royans, the ideal Palace of the Facteur Cheval or the representation of the town of St Marcellin, to mention just a few. Over 200 species of plants, shrubs and flowers grow in this garden of paradise.

Exhibition hall with antique toys, video, shop, shaded terrace, bar, snacks, parking spaces for all types of vehicles, preferential prices for groups.

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Le Jardin Ferroviaire
38160 Chatte
Tel: 04 76 38 54 55


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