Regional nature park in October 1970.

Surface area: 509 551 acres of which 42 000 acres are listed as nature reserves 
Surface area of the forest : 343 476 acres
Altitude : between 180 and 2 341 m (Grand Veymont)
Population : 46 000 inhabitants
Nature reserves: les Quatre-Montagnes, le Royans-Isère, le Vercors Drômois, le Royans-Drôme, le Diois, le Trièves, la Gervanne and Piémont Nord.

The Vercors is venerated by lovers of huge expanses and reputed for the quality of its hospitality. Beyond its touristic vocation, the mountain range is the cradle of all kinds of activities: livestock farming, forestry, local produce...

The nature reserve of the Hauts-Plateaux of the Vercors

The nature reserve of the Hauts-Plateaux of the Vercors overlooks the whole nature reserve and stretches over 42 000 acres. The forests, alpine grasses, limestone rocks and cliffs, which make up the riches of this territory, are protected.  Solitude and majesty, at an altitude between 1 200 and 2 341 m, with the Grand Veymont as its culminating point, it was listed as a Nature Reserve in 1985. It is still the largest nature reserve in metropolitan France.
No roads drive through it, no villages have settled there. At that height, animals and plants live far from man's assaults.  Only shepherds and forest keepers share this untouched environment.

A great variety of fauna and flora

The Vercors is a mountain range between the alpine and Mediterranean zones. Its numerous facets provide as many habitats for the varied fauna: 72 species of mammals including the 6 great ungulates (deer, ibex, chamois, roe deer, mouflon, and wild boar), 142 species of nesting birds and 25 species of reptiles and amphibians. In order to maintain the variety of the species, the Park reintroduced the ibex and the wild vulture. Both of these species were introduced as part of a rehabilitation program.

The Park inventories the fauna and flora of the reserve. It closely studies the fragile species, such as the red grouse and the black grouse. 85 of the many species of flora which flourish in the park are protected.